Original information – dated May 2020.

There is currently a plan to provide an allotment site with 21 plots as part of the Victory Fields development. A standard allotment garden plot is 10 poles in size or approx. 25m by 10m (300 square yards). Half plots and starter plots could be created from full size plots to increase the total number of plots available.

Anyone interested in applying for an allotment garden or to check whether their name is on the waiting list, is invited to contact the clerk, giving their full name, address and contact information.

Only residents of the parish will be entitled to hold plots. If anyone moves more than one mile outside the parish boundary, they will be required to give up their place on the waiting list.

Please note that we are unsure when the allotments will be available for occupation, and the arrangements for managing the site and tenancy fees have not yet been agreed.

The registration of interest is the first stage in the process of applying for an allotment plot and allocation of a plot cannot be guaranteed. Further details will be shared in due course.

By asking to add your name to the allotment waiting list you consent to the parish council holding your personal details on file in accordance with our privacy policy.A