November 27, 2020

Villager Bus Service Suspended for lock down

Please note that all Villager services will be suspended again for the second lock down, starting this Thursday, 5th November. We have not wanted to do this, but the medical advice is getting stronger by the day that we must all avoid contact with other people particularly the elderly and vulnerable, who make up 95% of our passengers (and 80% of our drivers). We feel that this step is necessary to protect our passengers and drivers and to try to slow the spread of this disease.

We will be putting a notice on our website, as well as letting as many passengers as we can know by phone of the suspension but should be most grateful if you could let your residents know by notices, newsletter or by putting a notice on your bus stop.

We are very aware that this suspension will again hit older people in villages particularly hard as so many rely on us for their needs. We hope that the community schemes set up last time will continue to provide the necessary support.

We will, of course, let you know when we plan to restart services, hopefully not too long after 3rd December.

Regards    Keith Gowing

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