Upper Rissington Parish Council Will Increase To 11 Councillors From May


At their meeting yesterday, members of Cotswold District Council voted unanimously in favour of the Parish Council being increased from 7 to 11 councillors without warding at the May elections.

Upper Rissington has doubled in size over the past five years, but the size of the Parish Council has remained the same. Typically, parishes in larger villages and towns have more councillors to ensure that the interests of the whole community are represented.

Larger settlements are also busier settlements; having more members on the Council will bring in more people with a wider range of skills and facilitate the formation of committees, allowing the workload to be shared, so the Council can work more effectively.

Following requests from a large number of residents, in January 2018 Upper Rissington Parish Council made a formal request for a Community Governance Review, a legal process whereby the District Council reviews the governance arrangements in the parish. This request was actively supported by the County Councillor.

The increase in councillor numbers was formally approved by members of Cotswold District Council at its meeting on Tuesday 26 February. The new arrangements will come into effect from the next elections on 2nd May when all 11 seats will be up for election.

If you are interested in being part of the new larger council from May, and helping to shape the future of your community, then consider putting yourself forward to be a councillor.

To stand for election, you must be a UK, EU or eligible Commonwealth citizen AND be a local elector in the parish OR have lived or worked in the parish or within 3 miles of its boundary for the 12-month period before your nomination. Nomination papers must be hand delivered to Cotswold District Council’s Cirencester Office between 19th March and 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April.

More details about how to stand for election on 2nd May can be found on our website. >>>

If you would like find out more about being a councillor, or the work of Upper Rissington Parish Council, then please speak to any councillor or to the Clerk. Contact clerk@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk.