Report From Upper Rissington Liaison Group Meeting on 16 February

The Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group held its first meeting on 16 February to discuss the planning issues in Victory Fields. Please find here, the updated ‘Action Log’ for information. This sets out the issues raised, what actions will be taken, and who is responsible for implementing them.


The group has also provided a copy of a letter from Nigel Moor which sets out GCC’s position regarding the issue of whether or not the material left on site should be classed as ‘waste’.

Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group is Launched

Following the call for nominations, the Upper Rissington Community Liaison group has been created. The group will form a link between the residents and stakeholders to guide the joint developers, Linden Homes and Bovis Homes, as they finalise their development on Victory Fields.

The group will comprise:

  • Chairman – Philippa Lowe, Head of Planning and Strategic Housing
  • Member of Parliament – Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
  • Planning – Deborah Smith, Team Leader Development Management
  • Developer – Representative(s) of Bovis Homes
  • Developer – Representative(s) of Linden Homes
  • Parish Councillor – Marc Buffery
  • Parish Councillor – Martin Johnstone
  • Resident – Margaret Flint
  • Resident – David Oliver
  • County Councillor – Nigel Moor
  • District Councillor – Mark MacKenzie-Charrington

The group is planning its initial meeting, where they will aim to set the parameters of how the group will operate and what it hopes to achieve. More information about the group will be published on the Parish Council website in due course.