Public Open Spaces Update – 16 March 2020


Please find below the latest update from Bovis Homes on completion of the public open spaces in Upper Rissington. Changes since the previous update are highlighted:

Area 1 – Officers Mess Playing Fields

  • Soil backing up of footpath boards to tidy and seed. This will be done when the seed has a better chance of taking (March / April). Bulb mix in tree line will be done after seeding

Area 2 – Officers Mess Surround

  • Rear now complete with the exception of seeding. This will be complete when seed has a better chance of taking (March / April).
  • Front still to rotovate, stone pick and seed. Currently being held up by consistent wet weather. We are monitoring the forecast and speaking to TCL regularly so that we can commence works when it’s most suitable (March / April).

Area 3 – Allotments and tennis courts

  • Allotment footpaths are all established, ground prep still to complete for allotments, main gate to install and water feed to finalise. Cultivating allotments within next few weeks.
  • White lining to tennis courts will be completed closer to handover. Same applies for the nets.
  • Water feed now complete. Works can now progress.
  • We are still hoping to have this area complete by the end of March; works are progressing in this area now.

Area 5– LEAP 2

  • LEAP 2 open, sunken trampoline missing due to supplier. This will be installed as soon as it is delivered to site.
  • Tree fell complete bar 2no trees that are being retained due to local councillor and CDC Planning. New plan for this area will incorporate this slight change whilst still retaining the original plan as best we can.

Area 6 – LEAP 4

  • LEAP 4 is nearing completion, hopefully for the end of March.
  • Footpath 95% complete, awaiting breakout of some old hardstanding to allow completion of southern path.

Area 8 & 9

  • Paths complete, soil backing of paths to prep and seed (March / April).

Area 10 – Trim Trail

  • Trim trail now complete and open.

EMG & Pond

  • Foul line very close to completion, raised section of pipe we have been waiting for is due in on the 17th of March. EMG will continue to work on other items whilst waiting on this.

Areas referred to are shown on the map below.