P3 Mobile Advice Service Comes To Upper Rissington Village Hall


A charity called P3 has recently begun an outreach service at Upper Rissington Village Hall. They have a vehicle in which we offer free advice on financial and housing related issues. Their Mobile Advce Van Information Service MAVIS will be visiting the Village Hall car park every Wednesday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

P3 is a charity which supports and guides people who face housing / tenancy related issues. They can provide free advice to the members of the community who may be experiencing difficulties. This support may include accessing the internet for claims or applications, signposting to access other organisations / services and charities or general advice and support. The ultimate goal of the service is to enable people to feel empowered and be confident to better manage and live more independently in the future.

P3 said: “Please feel free to join us on the day and times mentioned above if you have any questions or would like support. You can also follow our outreach service on Twitter using the address @p3mavis, alternatively you could visit our website, www.p3charity.org.”

Finally, P3 would like to thank Upper Rissington Village Hall for their support.