P3 Mobile Advice Service Comes To Upper Rissington Village Hall

A charity called P3 has recently begun an outreach service at Upper Rissington Village Hall. They have a vehicle in which we offer free advice on financial and housing related issues. Their Mobile Advce Van Information Service MAVIS will be visiting the Village Hall car park every Wednesday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

P3 is a charity which supports and guides people who face housing / tenancy related issues. They can provide free advice to the members of the community who may be experiencing difficulties. This support may include accessing the internet for claims or applications, signposting to access other organisations / services and charities or general advice and support. The ultimate goal of the service is to enable people to feel empowered and be confident to better manage and live more independently in the future.

P3 said: “Please feel free to join us on the day and times mentioned above if you have any questions or would like support. You can also follow our outreach service on Twitter using the address @p3mavis, alternatively you could visit our website,”

Finally, P3 would like to thank Upper Rissington Village Hall for their support.

Make A Change, Become a Parish Councillor

An election has been called to fill the four vacancies on Upper Rissington Parish Council and the council is calling on residents who are passionate about their community to stand.

Nomination papers are available to download below and the elections team can supply paper copies on request. To stand for election you must be over 18 AND a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen AND live or work in the parish or within 3 miles of it on the day of your election.

Completed nomination papers must be delivered by hand to the Returning Officer at the offices of Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester, Glos, GL7 1PX on any working day (excluding bank holidays) between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and no later than 4pm on Friday 20 September 2019.

Details of the candidates that have nominated will be published after 4 pm on Friday 20 September 2019.

If the election is contested, a poll will take place on Thursday 17 October 2019.

Please see the notice of election for details.

Questions about the elections process should be directed to the elections team:

Any questions about the parish council, please contact the Clerk:




Police Appeal For Help To Tackle Organised Crime in North Cotswolds

Message from Gloucestershire Constabulary via Neighbourhood Alerts:

We need your help to tackle serious criminals stealing high end cars and using them to get away from burglaries in places like Meysey Hampton, South Cerney, Fairford, Bourton-on-the-Water and Moreton-in-the Marsh.

These gangs have been stealing from homes and businesses in rural communities for the last few months.

They ruthlessly exploit border and rural areas across the country but they aren’t always subtle in their preparation.

They often explore places looking for the next potential home, business or vehicle to target, so if you see gangs of lads in expensive cars driving fast or erratically, driving slowly past premises or cars, parked up on private land or just seeming out of place don’t roll your eyes – report it to us on 101 or here:

It may seem quite trivial or innocuous but it may actually be the little piece of the jigsaw we need to prevent people experiencing the anguish of a burglary or the devastation left behind when a local shop or cashpoint is raided.

Officers are out and about in your community to help find the criminals but as you know these areas can be vast so your support is appreciated to find them before they strike.

If you own a high-powered car like a Volkswagen Golf R, Audi or Mercedes model then don’t just rely on electronic security like immobilisers and alarms, because the criminals will sometimes break into a house just to steal the keys.

Physical security devices such as steering wheel and handbrake locks, wheel clamps or simple things like padlocking gates or blocking your car in with another vehicle, can deter the thieves.

Always make sure that any security related keys are then kept separate from the vehicle keys and stored in a safe place, out of sight of any windows.

In some cases, the crooks steal number plates and fix them to them to their getaway vehicles so if your number plate is gone one day please call it in to us.

For more advice on how to help keep your vehicle safe, please visit:

Message Sent By
The Appeals Team (Police, External Communications Officer, )

Please note that this message was sent by Gloucestershire Constabulary via the Neighbourhood Alert messaging system.

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Changes To Waste Collections From March 2020

A new date has been announced for the launch of Cotswold District Council’s increased waste collection service. The new service will include:

  • Separate food and garden waste collection
  • Weekly food waste collection
  • Fortnightly garden waste service
  • Fortnightly dry recycling collection
  • Fortnightly refuse collection
  • More materials recycled at the kerbside (small electricals, textiles, batteries)
  • New recycling sacks for cardboard and additional larger food waste caddies

Councillors this week decided that the new service will begin at the end of March 2020.

The council had planned to go live in November but after reviewing the project the new administration has concluded there was a high risk that the date would not be achieved. A successful launch was endangered by a number of issues – particularly that new vehicles would not be delivered and ready in time for the November date.

Councillor Andrew Doherty said: “Recycling and waste collection is a service that touches every resident in the Cotswolds. It’s vitally important that it is delivered well and that changes are planned and communicated properly. Since the new CDC administration started work we’ve reviewed the project and come to the conclusion that there were significant risks that we couldn’t and shouldn’t ignore. November launch dates also meant that no-deal Brexit uncertainty added risks to the shipment of parts and equipment and to the timely onward transfer of our recycling.”

The weekly garden waste service will continue for the time being, until the service changes in 2020.

“The new service will bring some big improvements to our waste collection and recycling. It will be more environmentally friendly and allow residents to recycle more than ever before,” Cllr Doherty concluded.

Based on a press release from Cotswold District Council.