Documents Show Changes Between Consented Scheme & New Details For Public Open Space in Victory Fields

District Councillor Mark MacKenzie-Charrington writes:

On the 14th June I requested a set of overlay drawings that would show the variations to the developer’s proposals and the S106 consented landscaping scheme. These have now been provided and I’m delighted to be able to forward to you a set of marked-up, as opposed to overlay, drawings that show, I believe quite clearly, the variations along with a separate text summary, for your observations. These drawings show what I believe Linden Homes and Bovis Homes finally hope to deliver, being acceptable in planning terms as well as meeting the resident’s aspirations, thereby capable of being granted consent. …


We invite residents to feed back your genuine questions/ concerns – in a concise way please – to the Clerk – – who will then pass on the comments in a batch to Cotswold District Council for their consideration. Please do not send them to the planning authority direct.

It is important to note that the question about potentially contaminated ground is an entirely separate matter and is still very much under review by the developers, their experts, the CDC and their consultants. We will hear more on that in due course.