November 27, 2020

Neighbourhood alert – Impersonation of water board

We have had a worrying report of a male knocking on an elderly ladies door in Melville Estate in Bourton on the Water saying that he is from the water board and needs to turn off the residents water. The male had no identification and was not wearing a mask.

The male has been allowed into the property and has turned off the water from under the residents sink and chatted to the resident in the kitchen for around five minutes. He has not been left alone at any point and the home owner became suspicious after the male didn’t seem to do anything further with the water.

After five minutes the man has then turned the water back on and walked out of the property. The man was reported to be friendly and well spoken.

I have contacted the water company supplying this property and they have confirmed that there were no work men in the area on this date and they always display ID and wear the correct PPE (masks and gloves).

If someone arrives at your property from a utilities provider then do not let them in until you have seen their ID and made sure they are wearing a mask. You could also give their company a call to check on their authenticity. If you are still concerned then you have the right to refuse them entry. If you let them inside then please don’t leave them alone as if they are not genuine they may use this time to look around your property and take items.

If you are of an older age then you may be more at rick of getting Covid so you shouldn’t let anyone you don’t know into your property unless it is for a serious reason. Utility companies know this and wont come to do check unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you have seen this male or any similar circumstances have occurred recently then please report the incident via our website and if you do not have the internet then please call 101.

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