Monthly Update on Victory Fields, February 2019


The Local Planning Authority issues a report each month outlining the main activities undertaken either on the ground at Victory Fields or in the background as they work towards the ultimate aim of delivering an approved scheme of public open space for the community of Upper Rissington.

This is the report for January/February 2019.

Portfolio Holder’s monthly update on Victory Fields, Upper Rissington – 26th February 2019

Actions and activities undertaken in January/February:

i. Negotiations have been ongoing with Bovis to explore the possibility of providing a vehicular access to the allotments. Officers have agreed the optimum route for the access and the application (17/04151/FUL) will be reported back to the Planning & Licensing Committee on 13th March for consideration. The Planning Committee will only be considering this element of the scheme as all other matters were resolved at the December meeting.

ii. Met with Bovis and their play providers (TCL) to discuss various elements relating to the delivery of the play equipment within the formal play areas within the Public Open Space (POS). TCL will implement the designs on site and are currently working on a more detailed programme of work – the plan is to investigate the areas that are not contaminated which can be completed and made usable so that we can deliver some of the POS as soon as possible.

iii. The Validation Report has been submitted for consideration – if the Council’s Land Contamination Officer is content with the findings of the report, the Council will instruct an independent consultant to undertake a peer review of the report. We aim to have reviewed the report internally by 8th March and external consultants will be appointed thereafter.

iv. Assessed and responded to concerns raised regarding minor design changes to the eaves details – the changes are considered to be de minimis and no further action is required.

v. Revised drawing received relating to the amount of POS being provided. This confirms that the developers are meeting the requirements of the original planning permission.

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