Monthly Update on Victory Fields, December 2018


The Local Planning Authority issues a report each month outlining the main activities undertaken either on the ground at Victory Fields or in the background as they work towards the ultimate aim of delivering an approved scheme of public open space for the community of Upper Rissington.

This is the report for December 2018.

Portfolio Holder’s monthly update on Victory Fields, Upper Rissington – 8th January 2019

Actions and activities undertaken in December:

i. Public Open Space (POS) application (17/04151/FUL): was reported to the Planning & Licensing Committee on 12th December and the Committee resolved to approve the scheme subject to the Case Officer exploring further, the possibility of a vehicular access being provided to the allotments. Delegated authority to the Case Officer to consider the feasibility of the access with the applicant and in consultation with the Ward Member. To this end, the applicant has submitted alternative potential options which are under consideration by the Case Officer.

General notes

1. Third party queries and enquiries are still being received by Cotswold District Council on matters which fall outside of our remit. In an effort to help interested third parties resolve their queries as quickly and efficiently as possible, the following information is provided for clarity.

The Environment Agency (EA) regulates two main categories: waste and controlled waters, and consequently, any queries relating to these areas should be sent directly to the EA, not the LPA.

This includes:

  • Anything to do with waste, including the Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoWCoP)
  • Hazardous waste
  • Moving waste (duty of care, handling waste, disposal of waste
  • Waste permits and licences (environmental permitting, waste transfer documentation and waste carriers, etc.)
  • Storing waste
  • Using waste (waste exemptions)
  • Disposing of waste (exemptions, waste acceptance at landfills
  • Water quality and resources (protection of surface and ground waters)

It should be noted that as the developer has decided to use the DoWCoP, which is a self-regulating process, the material being re-used on site is not considered to be waste. This should, however, be confirmed with the EA directly.

2. Following the resolution of the Planning Committee to approve the application for the delivery of the Public Open Space, residents are encouraged to log any further queries or complaints relating to ongoing work on the site with the Parish Council who can then forward these on to the LPA for consideration/action if necessary. This will ensure that concerns are dealt with efficiently and in a timely and coordinated manner.

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