Monthly Update on Victory Fields, November 2018

Deborah Smith, Case Officer for Planning Application 17/04151/FUL Variation of Condition 1 of reserved matters permission 12/03810/REM … open space provision, writes:

As part of my monthly meetings with the Portfolio Holder for Planning & Strategic Housing, I provide an update on the main activities undertaken either on the ground at Victory Fields or in the background to ensure that we progress towards the ultimate aim of delivering an approved scheme of public open space for the community. We thought it would be helpful if we shared this information with you on an ongoing basis until the works are complete. To that end, shortly after the last Tuesday of each month (which is when I meet with the Portfolio Holder), I will forward on to you a copy of the update presented at our meetings. I shall also post it on the Council’s website under the current planning application (17/04151/FUL) to ensure that we share this information with as many people as possible in the local community.

I hope this is helpful to you.

This is the report for November 2018.

Portfolio Holder’s monthly update on Victory Fields, Upper Rissington – 27th November 2018

Main actions and activities undertaken in November:

i. Public Open Space (POS) application (17/04151/FUL): an amended scheme has been received in response to Officer’s outstanding concerns and queries and subject to appropriate planning conditions, Officers are now supportive of the application proposals

ii. As a result of the amended scheme being received, the Committee report for the planning application has been finalised and will be reported to the 12th December Planning & Licensing Committee meeting.

iii. The POS between the shops and the school has been opened up following testing of soils in September – Merebrooks took soil samples which were analysed for a variety of contaminants including PAHs (coal tar constituents) and all soil sample results were found to be below the assessment criteria (non-detect for asbestos)

iv. In consultation with CDC, the developer has undertaken an exercise to remove cosmetically unsuitable material including black fragments, plastic, etc. from the POS between the shops and the school

v. Samples of the in-situ soils which contained black gravel and considered to be tarmac debris were taken from the area between the shop and the school and from the roadside along Delfin Way, assessed by an independent laboratory for PAHs (coal tar) and the results demonstrate that no results were in exceedance and the soils are considered not to pose a human health risk

vi. The waste material stockpile (removed from the southern playing field) has been taken off site and the appropriate waste documentation has been received

vii. A sample was taken from the southern playing field where the waste stockpile was temporarily placed to ensure no unacceptable PAH concentrations remained. The results indicate the soils were suitable. The field has since been regraded and finished with imported, validated topsoil from Shrivenham

viii. The area where the Linden Homes compound was located has been cleared and finished (no remediation was necessary here)

ix. Bovis have contractors on site removing tarmac from residential gardens under the supervision of Merebrooks

x. Following testing of soil samples around the Calor gas compound, the area has been finished with imported, validated topsoil and seeded.

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