Major Incident: Gas Leak, Upper Rissington 23/02/2019

Message from Glos Police via Neighbourhood Alerts:

This afternoon officers were called to a house in Upper Rissington after the occupants were not responding to the door. After gaining entry the officers found two males unconscious around the house. It was suspected that the boiler could be leaking gas and potentially harmful carbon monoxide.

Both males were given CPR and first aid by officers until the ambulance service and fire service arrived. Two heli-meds arrived to take the males away to be treated and they are both in stable conditions.

The road and nearby houses were evacuated until the gas board deemed the area to be safe again. We would like to thank the public for leaving their properties and waiting at the edge of the cordon for around 2 hours whilst emergency services worked on the males.

We would also like to make sure that residents have working carbon monoxide alarms in their homes as the gas is extremely dangerous, has no odour and you cannot see it. With alarms in the property this situation would have been averted.


Charlie Symes
PCSO 9251
Stow Police Station