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Burglary increases when the clocks go back

Download our anti-burglary checklist to see what steps you can take to help protect your home from burglary: www.bit.ly/burglarycheck

What you can do right now to help protect your home:

  • Use timer switches to turn on lights early in the evening
  • Keep your front and back doors locked; even when you’re home
  • Remove tools, equipment and items from your gardens that could be used to get into your home
  • Keep any gates locked and move your wheelie bin away from them
  • Avoid posting where you are online when you’re not at home

Burglars look for quick and easy targets, often choosing to burgle homes in Gloucestershire between 3pm and 8pm on weekdays. A cheap and simple timer switch could make all the difference in            stopping a burglar from choosing your home.If you visit one of our engagement vehicle events and sign up for our new Your                      Community Alerts service, with a PCSO, we will give you a free         timer switch.

For more tips, the location of our engagement vehicle events, and to download our anti-burglary checklist visit: www.bit.ly/burglarycheck

Help us make your community safer: you can also help us improve our intelligence and make your community safer by reporting people you suspect of burglary or, who handle stolen goods, through our new website form: www.bit.ly/reportburglars.

Christmas Refuse Collection Dates

Cotswold District Council’s waste and recycling collection service provider, Ubico Ltd, will be making normal collections up to                and including Friday 22 December.  The following week, the crews will not be working on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 December and will also be on holiday on Monday 1 January 2018.  As a                          consequence, there will be changes in collection days until the              normal schedule resumes on Monday 15 January.

The collection days will change as follows: (please note that crews will be working on three Saturdays – 30 December, 6 January and 13 January – to catch up.)

Week commencing Monday 18 December 2017:

Normal collection day New revised collection day
Mon 18 Dec 2017 No change
Tues 19 Dec No change
Weds 20 Dec No change
Thurs 21 Dec No change
Friday 22 Dec No change
Mon 25 Dec Will move to Weds 27 Dec
Tues 26 Dec Will move to Thurs 28 Dec
Weds 27 Dec Will move to Friday 29 Dec
Thurs 28 Dec Will move to Saturday 30 Dec
Friday 29 Dec Will move to Tues 2 Jan 2018
Mon 1 Jan 2018 Will move to Weds 3 Jan
Tues 2 Jan Will move to Thurs 4 Jan
Weds 3 Jan Will move to Friday 5 Jan
Thurs 4 Jan Will move to Saturday 6 Jan
Friday 5 Jan Will move to Mon 8 Jan
Mon 8 Jan Will move to Tues 9 Jan
Tues 9 Jan Will move to Weds 10 Jan
Weds 10 Jan Will move to Thurs 11 Jan
Thurs 11 Jan Will move to Friday 12 Jan
Friday 12 Jan Will move to Saturday 13 Jan

The collection schedule will return to normal on the week beginning Monday 15 January 2018.


Introducing  a company created and owned by four Councils to           deliver great services locally.

Please see the link for more information:
Introducing Publica to Parish Councils



The defibrillator is located on the wall of the Village Hall, Wellington Road, GL54 2QW, in a round yellow cabinet.


Cotswold Careline ‘Bogus Caller’ Service

As the clocks change and the dark winter nights draw in, Cotswold residents will be reassured to know help is on hand to keep them safe in their own homes.

With the simple press of a ‘Bogus Caller’ button a silent alarm is raised which automatically connects to the professional team at the monitoring centre. The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To find out more about the low cost ‘Bogus Caller’ service call the Cotswold Careline team on 01594 812505, or e-mail cotswoldcareline@fdean.gov.uk or visit www.cotwoldcareline.co.uk


Road Safety Community Hub

Any resident wishing to report any concerns about road safety in their local area, please go to:

or via e-mail to roadsafetyhub@glosfire.gov.uk


RAF Little Rissington Memories & Photos Facebook Group

Please click on the following link if you are interested in joining this Facebook Group.


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