Litter and Public Open Space (POS)


Good evening residents.

Approximately 4 weeks ago I set up a litter picking group here in Upper Rissington. There are 20 people, collecting rubbish on every road and walkway in the village twice a week. I hope you’ve all noticed how clean the village is. However, please can we try and keep it like that and please try not to drop litter. If you can also advise your children to dispose of all litter in the bins then this would be very much appreciated. The litter team are doing a super job so let’s all try and help them…

Also the PC needs your help. We are working with Vistry Homes towards the completion of all the Public Open space (POS) here in the village. We have already put together a comprehensive list of ‘snags’ throughout the village which we have just sent into Vistry. However, as we do not want to miss anything please can all residents comment on any issues you’ve seen around the Public Open Space (POS) which you believe has not been done correctly or needs attention. Please highlight exactly where the issue is and also post a photo of the issue too would be appreciated. Please try not to duplicate issues already reported by others. As I’ve advised above we will have already noted many of these issues but we want to ensure we get absolutely everything included. I hope as many of you as possible comment here with the issue, the location and photo.

NB: The best place to comment is on the Facebook Page. If you are not a member of Facebook, send an email to the Parish Clerk or myself. See below:

Thank you; Cllr Declan Torris (URPC Chairman)
Parish Clerk:
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