November 27, 2020

Inclusion Gloucestershire Travel Survey

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Introduction to Barriers to Mobility

Public transport including buses and trains and taxis are crucial to the ability of Gloucestershire residents to take full advantage of the opportunities on offer. Whilst all of us will have been affected by the COVID pandemic, it is still important that we help provide information on what kind of transport we would like to see once this pandemic is over.

This questionnaire is an attempt to find out what issues various groups may have with using public transport. Although predominantly it may appear to focus on people with disabilities we would welcome input from other groups such as older residents of the county, young people and students and people who live in the more rural areas served by public transport.

It is hoped that the information gained from people completing this questionnaire will be used by a number of groups to help advise and influence the various bodies who have an impact on the transport we use. The groups involved in preparing this questionnaire include charities, county council departments, and individuals who are directly impacted upon by having a good public transport network available to them.

We hope that you will complete as many of the sections as possible, but please do not feel you have to answer every question. The range of people who rely on a reliable public transport infrastructure are many and varied, we therefore rely on this questionnaire gaining as wide an engagement by people from Gloucestershire and beyond as we can.

Thank you for your time in assisting us in this and we hope to be able to have feedback around all the issues sometime early into the new year.

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