Gloucestershire County Council’s Budget 2019/20 Consultation is Live

Gloucestershire County Council is asking residents to give feedback on next year’s budget proposals which focus on vulnerable children and adults, as well as better roads in Gloucestershire.

The draft 2019/20 budget includes proposals to invest £11 million into children’s services as part of a £15 million overall revenue budget increase and further capital investment of £179 million for schools, community facilities and our highways. The budget also allocates funding for the second year of a three-year £30,000 commitment per councillor to allow each councillor to make community-based investments.

All budget proposals and recommended council tax levels are subject to the final decision of the County Council on 13 February 2019 – which will be webcast online.

Give feedback on these proposals here:

You can read more information about the County Council’s budget proposals on its website:

The consultation will be open until 5pm on 21st January 2019.

It’s important that Gloucestershire residents, community groups and organisations have their say – so please share this information as widely as you can.