Get Ready for the Cold Winter Weather

The MET Office has issued weather warnings for snow and freezing temperatures in the South West, covering Upper Rissington, with more significant snowfall possible overnight and temperatures down as low as -6°C.

As the snow starts to fall, the Parish Council is urging residents to be prepared, and has put a Winter Action Plan into place. The plan is as yet untested, but we hope it will make life a little easier for everyone in this extremely cold winter weather.

Please read this complete post as it contains important information for the village this week.


The road from Little Rissington towards Burford is a ‘primary route’, which are the priority routes that will be gritted and cleared by the County Council. The Barrington Road is considered a ‘secondary route’ which will only be treated in periods of prolonged cold weather and when resources allow. The County Council does not clear the smaller roads (there are too many of them), but helps provide supplies of grit for use on local roads.

The green Parish-owned grit bins on Bristol Road, Wright Road, Farman Crescent, and by the garages on Grebe Square have been filled up today and should be ready for action (map).

Bovis Homes has installed 3 yellow grit bins for use by residents to clear roads on the new development; by the bus stop outside the shops; by the school and by the south entrance to Mitchell Way.

There is also a grit bin on Wellington Road; this is locked because it contains a private supply, and Margaret Flint will open it as required.

Grit should be spread thinly – a light sprinkle is sufficient – and remember stocks need to last all the way through until warmer conditions return that will be at least a week away. Grit should only be used on the public highway, not on private drives and pathways, unless to aid emergency services.


The Parish Council now has a designated Snow Plough Operator, who can be called upon to clear the adopted roads when required. Your Parish Snow Warden is Marc Buffery, who will be responsible for keeping Highways updated about local conditions and calling out the Snow Plough Operator.

Please avoid parking on the public highway, as parked cars make it much harder for the snow plough to get through. This leaves the Snow Plough Operator with a dilemma; don’t clear the road, or risk scratching cars with the edge of the snow plough blade! Neither of these are desirable outcomes.

Park your cars in a forward-facing position at the end of drives before the snow falls (i.e. from Tuesday lunchtime onwards). It is far easier to pull off forwards than turn a vehicle around on the snow and far easier to walk down any drive to your car than spend hours clearing it.

Soft, uncompacted snow is easier to clear than snow that has been driven on – please avoid driving on top of fresh snow. It is advised that the snow is cleared from wheel tracks and grit placed down before driving. If you are hale and hearty, then please join forces with your neighbours to help to clear the roads around the village. Many hands make light work, as the saying goes.

Only drive if your journey is essential, and please drive with extra care around the village! If you do need to drive then ensure that you have a full set of warm clothes, wellies or walking boots, a shovel, a bucket to collect grit in, a fully charged phone, torch, drinks, snacks and a blanket in case you get stranded.

Be Prepared

All residents are advised to get themselves ready:

Stock up now with food and any necessary medical supplies now, ideally enough to see you through until this time next week.

Check on any vulnerable family, friends and neighbours who may not wish to venture out into the snow, to check that they have the supplies and help that they need.

There is a risk of power cuts caused by the extreme cold weather so ensure all gadgets are charged and that you have spare batteries for torches and the like.

Familiarise yourself with the location of your nearest grit bin and get any shovels out of the shed/garage now and put it out ready.

Winter weather advice

Local authorities have provided a collection of useful links about winter weather preparation, including missed waste collections, closed schools, how to stay warm, and more.

Cotswold District:

Gloucestershire County Council:


Kind regards,
Pauline, Parish Clerk