Flooding, snow and ice affect parts of the Cotswolds


Info from Cotswold District Council

Waste collections in the Rissingtons area of the North Cotswolds have had to be suspended today with two waste collection vehicles skidding on icy roads and needing recovery.  Whilst main roads have been gritted residential areas remain icy and dangerous.  Residents whose waste is missed today should leave it out and crews will return tomorrow afternoon to collect waste, if conditions allow.

The collection of Food waste in the Fairford and Lechlade areas today is unaffected.

Overnight flood affected areas in Cirencester, Siddington and South Cerney have largely seen water levels stabilise or reduce slightly.  Some areas remain at risk however and the Council is working with its contractor Ubico to support residents with sandbagging and pumping water.

 Leader of the Council Joe Harris said “We are doing what we can to help but a major issue is the inundation of sewer systems which has caused sewage to flood homes and gardens and many homes to be left without flushing toilets.  We have called on Thames Water to provide more support to residents who are severely affected and look at ways in which capacity can be created within the sewer systems so toilet facilities can be reinstated.  Anyone concerned about sewage coming back up through toilets, sink and showers should look at advice on the councils website”.

Councillor Harris also stressed the importance of taking care in the recovery and clean up of property flooding “We would urge residents to contact their insurance companies as soon as possible, they may want to assess the damage before you remove anything from your home and we advise that you take lots of photographs of the damage.  Please take care if there is still flood water in your property, once water levels stop rising you can contact our out of hours service if you need water pumping out.  We would advise our residents not to use their own generators or pumps as these can be hazardous in unventilated spaces.  Once your insurer has agreed that you can remove flood damaged items the Council will arrange to collect flood damaged carpets, furniture etc from outside of your property free of charge.  Please telephone the Council on 01285 623000 from Monday 4th January to arrange for this free service.”

Cabinet Member for Waste, Recycling and Flooding, Andrew Doherty said “We know what a mess flood water leaves behind, particularly where sewer systems have also been inundated causing sewage to flood roads and gardens.  Our contractor Ubico Limited will be prioritising street cleansing in the areas that have been flooded to ensure we clear areas as quickly as possible, once flood waters have receded”.

Further advice on what to do during or after a flood event is available on the Councils website.