County Councillor New Year Report 2021


New Year Greetings

This past year has been a very difficult year for us all in the North Cotswolds and some will have lost loved ones or have relatives and friends who have suffered from the coronavirus. But the area has witnessed an extraordinary demonstration of community support and effort. Going into the New Year the tremendous news is that vaccinations have begun at the North Cotswolds Hospital at Moreton. During the pandemic officers, staff and councillors at Gloucestershire County Council have striven to maintain our huge range of services, so as to try and minimise the disruption to our day to day lives. I have been proud to be part of that organisation. In this newsletter I would like to highlight some of the actions and initiatives we have taken that will allow us to go forward to a more optimistic future in 2021.

Best wishes to you all for a more positive year in 2021.

File name : County-Councillor-New-Year-Report-2021.pdf

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