Parish Councillors

There are seven seats on the Parish Council. Four seats are filled and three are currently vacant. An election has been called to fill two of the vacancies, and details will be published in due course.

Your Parish Councillors

Matt Barley
Robert Hazard
Dawn Laird
Amos Peek (Chairman)

To contact any of the Parish Councillors, please e-mail the clerk at :

Councillor Responsibilities

Staffing Committee (Cllrs Barley and Peek)
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Cllr Peek)
Community Liaison Committee (Cllrs Peek)
Village Hall Management Trust Liaison (Cllr Hazard)

Councillor Attendance


Register of Interests

Parish Councillors’ Register of Members’ Interest documents can be viewed by clicking on the links below (as required by the Localism Act 2011 S29 (7)). Where a councillor’s interests have changed since completing their original form, an amendment form is also listed.

D Laird – 19th May 2015 & Changes 13th March 2016
A Peek – July 2017 & Changes October 2018
Matt Barley – November 2017
Robert Hazard – April 2018

Councillor Resignations

Brian Hanks – Nov 2018
Martin Johnstone – Aug 2018
Marc Buffery
Rosie Webber
Caroline Maclean
Andrew Maclean
Jason Corban
David Arnold – David Arnold’s Resignation Letter