November 29, 2020

Council Business Following Coronavirus Guidance

You will be aware of new guidance from the government to limit social contact during the coronavirus outbreak. The parish council, like everyone, is considering how it must adapt.

Therefore, the parish council office in the Village Hall will be closed for the foreseeable future. The Clerk is working from home and can be reached by email or telephone as usual.

The council intends to hold its next meeting on Thursday 19 March at 7:30pm in the Village Hall as planned. This meeting will enable emergency measures to be put in place, to allow the council to continue to function if we have an extended period of restrictions.

This decision has not been taken lightly. Legislation does not permit councils to meet virtually and we are advised that if meetings are held, they must be held in public. Therefore, the meeting will be open to the public as usual.

The decision about whether to attend as a member of the public must be made by you, our residents. Please be mindful of government guidance on hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation, and act responsibly to help keep yourselves and others safe from harm. Please do not attend if you or any members of your household are feeling unwell.

The Village Hall is otherwise closed for business. Upper Rissington Parish Council is grateful to the Village Hall Trust for its understanding and use of the hall on Thursday.

This is an unprecedented situation. Guidance is being updated regularly, so it is best to visit the government website for the latest advice and information.

Please look after yourselves, follow the guidance, stay in touch with friends and family, and check in on your neighbours. The parish council will be considering how best to support our local community in the weeks to come.

If you have any questions about or for the council, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk.

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