Coronavirus: Does Your Neighbour Need Your Help?


With coronavirus affecting everyone across the country, your neighbour may need your help over the coming days.

There are many simple but effective things we can all do to help our neighbours:

  • Making sure they have enough food and other general supplies to cover a few days – no need to panic buy
  • Walking their dog, picking up a prescription, or putting out bins
  • Phoning or video calling so they can see a friendly face, helping to reduce their feeling of isolation
  • Making sure they have some simple recipes to hand or have done some batch cooking for the freezer

It’s important that everyone continues to follow the national advice at

Support Groups

Many community-minded residents are keen to help their neighbours. Covid-19 Mutual Aid, a volunteer-run organisation, recommends setting up a local group. It says “the smaller the better – a group that brings together those people who live on your street alone could be more effective and manageable than a district-wide support group”. Their website provides advice on how to set up or find your local group, including important guidance on safety and security.


Let neighbours know you are willing to help with this: ViralKindness post card

As we become aware of trusted sources of help and support, we will share details here. If you are part of such a group offering help in the village, then please contact the parish council.

Coronavirus: Does Your Neighbour Need Your Help?
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