Report a Problem

Problems with roads and public footpaths

If you concern is about the road itself then you can report it directly to Highways at Gloucestershire County Council.

This form can also be used to report problems with street lighting, potholes, blocked gullies and water on the road, overgrown vegetation, and damaged signs or traffic lights.

Concerns about the way people are using the road can be reported via the Road Safety Community Hub

If your concern covers both areas, or you’re not sure which form to use, then fill in the form on the Community Hub and they will manage this for you.

If your concern is about a public right of way, then report it here:

Problems with dog fouling

Dog fouling is extremely unpleasant and a risk to public health. You can report an overflowing dog bin or dog fouling issues directly to Cotswold District Council:
Please be assured, reports will be treated in strictest confidence.

Everything else

If your problem is not covered above, then please visit our page about Council responsibilities to find out which Council is best placed to help you. Still not sure? Then please contact the Clerk.