Changes To Waste Collections From March 2020

A new date has been announced for the launch of Cotswold District Council’s increased waste collection service. The new service will include:

  • Separate food and garden waste collection
  • Weekly food waste collection
  • Fortnightly garden waste service
  • Fortnightly dry recycling collection
  • Fortnightly refuse collection
  • More materials recycled at the kerbside (small electricals, textiles, batteries)
  • New recycling sacks for cardboard and additional larger food waste caddies

Councillors this week decided that the new service will begin at the end of March 2020.

The council had planned to go live in November but after reviewing the project the new administration has concluded there was a high risk that the date would not be achieved. A successful launch was endangered by a number of issues – particularly that new vehicles would not be delivered and ready in time for the November date.

Councillor Andrew Doherty said: “Recycling and waste collection is a service that touches every resident in the Cotswolds. It’s vitally important that it is delivered well and that changes are planned and communicated properly. Since the new CDC administration started work we’ve reviewed the project and come to the conclusion that there were significant risks that we couldn’t and shouldn’t ignore. November launch dates also meant that no-deal Brexit uncertainty added risks to the shipment of parts and equipment and to the timely onward transfer of our recycling.”

The weekly garden waste service will continue for the time being, until the service changes in 2020.

“The new service will bring some big improvements to our waste collection and recycling. It will be more environmentally friendly and allow residents to recycle more than ever before,” Cllr Doherty concluded.

Based on a press release from Cotswold District Council.