November 29, 2020

Changes to local Policing

Changes to local policing The Cotswolds and Stroud

I write to you as the newly appointed Local Policing Area Superintendent for The Cotswolds and Stroud. My role has been created to lead a change in the way Gloucestershire Constabulary manages local policing.

We have always believed that policing begins and ends in neighbourhoods, and this localised approach has been the cornerstone of our policing for many years: it is proven to deliver on our mission to keep people safe from harm. Since 2015 our neighbourhood policing teams have been supported by a centralised model of other shared police resources.

New approach
Beginning in autumn 2020, Gloucestershire Constabulary will evolve the way it delivers policing across the County.
We put the people of Gloucestershire at the heart of everything we do: as such, we have redesigned how we work, where we work, and when we work in order to improve service delivery and further enhance our strong links with local communities, key stakeholders and our partners.

Our new ‘one team’ approach will build upon the principles of Neighbourhood Policing – focusing on accessibility, prevention, relationships, vulnerability and partnerships – but will also ensure communities receive a locally delivered response to calls for service, and high quality crime investigations.
All of this activity will seek to address Constabulary Operational Priorities and support delivery of the Police and Crime Plan. These areas of work are informed by matters of public concern, alongside our professional assessment of the issues which pose the highest threat, harm, and risk to our communities. And this will all be delivered with care and compassion, crucial to us continually improving the trust and confidence we seek to inspire in those who live, work, and travel through our County.

This new approach has three distinct geographic areas each with a dedicated Superintendent and Chief Inspector.

Starting on Monday 7 September 2020, I will begin to oversee the transition to the new ways of working. Whilst the structure and working practices for the new teams will be introduced in phases, I will endeavour to ensure that the public continue to receive a high quality, uninterrupted policing service.
I will have operational command of the Neighbourhood Policing (NHP) team (made up of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers) and the Local Policing Team (LPT).

The Neighbourhood Policing (NHP) teams will continue to focus on issues that impact on our communities, and through engagement with partner agencies, local groups, charities and local people, achieve common and durable solutions.

The Local Policing Teams (LPTs) will be the initial responders to incidents and will be the first to investigate crimes within their respective geographic area. These teams will additionally benefit from locally based Detective supervisors, overseeing investigative standards and supporting officers to secure justice for victims. We seek to reassure victims that ‘Every Crime Matters’.

The new geographical areas will have access to support from other specialist teams: our Crime Command teams who investigate the most serious and complex crime, our existing Enabling Services structure, and our Specialist Operations department including our roads policing, dogs, and firearms units.
The new teams will also be significantly enhanced by our dedicated, skilled, and passionate Citizens in Policing, including the Special Constabulary. Their expert resources will remain crucial to the delivery of policing activity across the County.

All our policing resources are, of course, part of a much broader partnership ‘team’ that work to support our communities. This new way of working will offer enhanced opportunities for collaboration with partner agencies and organisations – statutory, private, and third sector. We aim to combine the efforts of the police, partners and the public to optimum effect.

An introduction

I am very grateful that The Cotswolds and Stroud already have dedicated, professional, and compassionate policing teams with whom I have no doubt you already have strong working and partnership relationships.

My background in policing is primarily within the Crime arena – Public Protection, CID, and Intelligence – so I hope to bring some different ways of thinking to the Local Policing world. I am passionate about protecting the most vulnerable amongst us, disrupting and dismantling harmful criminal activity, and supporting our staff to deliver high quality investigations which secure justice for victims.

I will confess it has been over a decade since I was last in a non-detective role, so my colleagues have a lot to teach me! I look forward to learning whilst leading, and absolutely consider my appointment to be a privilege: I can’t wait to get started.

Whilst the complexities of policing get ever more challenging, whilst the demand will always outstrip our capacity to meet it, and whilst the needs and priorities of our communities continue to evolve, I very much look forward to working with you to deliver the best service possible to the people of The Cotswolds and Stroud.

Yours sincerely
Detective Superintendent Kath Davis
The Cotswolds and Stroud Local Policing Area

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