Rotary in The Rissingtons

Graham Odgen of the Rotary Club North Cotswolds made a short presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting about the chance to start up a new “Rotary in the Rissingtons”.

Come along to Upper Rissington Village Hall at 11am on Saturday 21 April to learn more about the Rotary Club and what volunteering could do for you and your community.

Rotary is an organisation established in 1905 which has 1.2 million members worldwide with 50,000 in Great Britain and Ireland.

  • One of the main reason for clubs to exist is to provide help and support to their local community through service and finance.
  • A range of schemes help young people develop their skills and talents. These include young chef, youth speaks, young writer and young photographer. There is also the Rotary Young Leader Award that helps teenagers develop teamwork and leadership.
  • Nothing is ruled out and existing projects across England include those for the elderly, the disabled and the lonely.
  • There is an international dimension and Rotary works to address the humanitarian challenges of water provision, education, disease prevention and the promotion of peace overseas.
  • It has been at the forefront of putting plans in pace to rid the world of polio. There has been a reduction in the incidence of the disease of 99.9% since 1979.
  • Each club is part of an established network which has access to information on many projects. There is support, guidance and advice from people in the organisation when required. Just ask!
  • Funds from Rotary’s own charity, The Rotary Foundation, can be used to provide financial support for projects. Clubs also raise money to help to fund its range of projects.
  • Being a Rotarian is helps people to meet, have fun and make friends whilst making a positive difference.

The Rissingtons Oil Buying Group (TROG)

At a recent Little Rissington PC meeting, the subject of heating oil and discount buying came up. We attach details of The Rissingtons Oil Buying Group (TROG) that has been run for some time by John Smith of Great Rissington.

Please note that to get any additional benefit it is necessary to contact John so as to get a registration number that he will pass on to the company so the discount can be obtained.

Grant Funding for Businesses in Rural Gloucestershire

We have been asked to help raise awareness of grant funding of up to £170,000 that is now available for businesses in rural Gloucestershire.

Applications are invited from micro and small businesses and community organisations in rural areas of Gloucestershire for funding from the RDPE Growth Programme and the two LEADER programmes. The grants are funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). Continue reading “Grant Funding for Businesses in Rural Gloucestershire”