Enjoy The Fireworks in Upper Rissington

The best way to enjoy fireworks is to visit an organized display.

Upper Rissington Social Committee is holding a firework display on Saturday 9th November.

Fireworks at 6:30pm. Gates open from 5:45pm.

Please note that there is no bonfire this year.

If you are thinking of holding a private garden  display then please heed the advice from Trading Standards:

Fireworks are by their very nature a dangerous product. After all, carrying a pack of explosives next to a bonfire in the dark isn’t something we do every day. There are some things you can do to make sure you have a safe night.

Always make sure that you always buy from a reputable seller. They must be licensed and store them safely. You won’t find a reputable seller on a social media site with pictures of fireworks in their kitchen! Please report to Trading Standards if you see this online.

All consumer fireworks must have the CE mark, if it doesn’t then please don’t use it. Whilst it may be tempting to use high category display fireworks, these are not suitable for garden displays and must only be handled by professionals.

Don’t forget fireworks must not be let off between 11pm and 7am subject to limited exemptions on specific dates (5th November the deadline is midnight). It’s also polite to warn your neighbours.


Have a safe bonfire night!

P3 Mobile Advice Service Comes To Upper Rissington Village Hall

A charity called P3 has recently begun an outreach service at Upper Rissington Village Hall. They have a vehicle in which we offer free advice on financial and housing related issues. Their Mobile Advce Van Information Service MAVIS will be visiting the Village Hall car park every Wednesday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

P3 is a charity which supports and guides people who face housing / tenancy related issues. They can provide free advice to the members of the community who may be experiencing difficulties. This support may include accessing the internet for claims or applications, signposting to access other organisations / services and charities or general advice and support. The ultimate goal of the service is to enable people to feel empowered and be confident to better manage and live more independently in the future.

P3 said: “Please feel free to join us on the day and times mentioned above if you have any questions or would like support. You can also follow our outreach service on Twitter using the address @p3mavis, alternatively you could visit our website, www.p3charity.org.”

Finally, P3 would like to thank Upper Rissington Village Hall for their support.

Help With A Research Project Into Food Waste Disposal

Research students from the University of Sheffield are conducting a short door-to-door survey in relation to food waste disposers in Upper Rissington. The interview team will be on site during the evenings from Monday 10th June to Wednesday 12th June and it would be very helpful if residents could spare five minutes to participate in the survey. The data will be used to support the water-flow modelling of the new sewer network and no personal information will be collected.

Find out more about this university research project:

HQ Office Spaces Landing Soon in Upper Rissington

Upper Rissington business owners will soon benefit from the arrival of HQ Office, providing flexible and affordable office space in what was once the Officers’ Mess at the old RAF base.

From September 2018 HQ Office will provide a new base for a community of local businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives. There will be a mixture of permanent offices, hot desks and co-working areas, as well as meeting rooms, break-out areas and a kitchen with hot coffee on tap throughout the day.

Eliminating the need to commute long distances or compete with the family when working from home, HQ will offer a local, stylish place to work and a social hub.

HQ promises a slick business operation with superfast broadband and a simple, transparent monthly fee to cover all the basic business needs and running costs. Small business owners will be able to get on growing their business with no requirement to sign a long lease, signing up with HQ for as short a period as a month or simply hot desking to break up their work routine but not their bank balance.
HQ aims to build a community of like-minded individuals in different sectors. There will be networking opportunities, link up events with local businesses and special rates to join the gym next door. At HQ there will be ample car parking and bike racks, as well as being in walking distance of the convenience store, café bar and other amenities.

For further information please contact Nick Grant on nick@hqoffice.co.uk or tel: 0203 372 4773

Via press release from HQ dated 25 June 2018.