New Grit Bins In Upper Rissington

After an icy start to the day, it’s snowing! Though the snow is not likely to settle, more cold weather is forecast later in the month.

Grit/salt is available for residents to use on the adopted roads around the village to help keep them free from ice and snow.

The Parish Council has recently purchased and installed several new grit bins, doubling the number of grit bins in the original village.

The new bins can be found:

  • On Siskin Road, opposite the junction with Bristol Road,
  • On Sopwith Road, opposite the Old Co-op,
  • On the south-east corner of Hawker Square, and
  • On Grebe Square, at the entrance to the playing field, which also links to the alleyway leading to Lancaster Drive.

A map of all the parish-owned grit bins is included below.

The grit is supplied by the County Council.  Please use the grit sparingly and only on roads – not on private drives as you can be prosecuted for that. If the grit starts to run low, then please feed that information back to the parish council. Contact


As the road adoption process for Mitchel Way and the other roads in the new part of the village isn’t concluded yet, the developers are still responsible for those grit bins in those areas – which are yellow (the parish-owned ones are green). There is also a grit bin on Wellington Road, but it is locked because it contains a private supply.

Please also see our Winter Weather Information.

X-Ray Services At North Cotswolds Hospital

District Councillor Alison Coggins for Moreton West ward has set up a petition to campaign to “Save the North Cotswold Hospital X-Ray services”, which have been cut from 30 hours per week to 8.

Without the X-ray service at the North Cotswold Hospital, Upper Rissington residents will have to travel to Cheltenham, Gloucester or Cirencester to check minor injuries and have routine X-rays.

A petition has been set up to reverse this decision, which has already reached more than 5,000 signatures, and so the issue will be debated on 15 January 2019 at the Health & Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee at Gloucestershire County Council.

The attached letter and update explain.


Volunteers Wanted To Plant Spring Bulbs This Weekend

The Parish Council has agreed to plant spring bulbs in the verges around the village. The bulbs have arrived and are now in need of planting. We are now looking for volunteers who are free Saturday and or Sunday from 10am until 1pm to assist.

Anyone wishing to help plant the bulbs, please contact the Clerk as it would be helpful to know how many are coming so that we can provide the right equipment etc. Councillors will be meeting in the old Co-Op car park on Farman Crescent prior to starting.

Notice of Vacancy – August 2018

Following the resignation of Martin Johnstone, the councillor vacancy is being advertised by Cotswold District Council via the attached notice.


The process is that if 10 residents request an election then that is how the position will be filled. If an election is not called then the Parish Council may fill the vacancy by co-option, and will invite interested local residents to contact us for details nearer the time.