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Nominate your Cotswold Champion By 28 September

An exciting new Community Awards scheme has been launched. Cllr Julian Beale, Chairman of Cotswold District Council, is inviting the public to nominate residents and teams who are Cotswold Champions, helping to make the District a truly great place to live.

Cash awards of £1,000 are on offer for each of the winners in seven categories as follows:

  • Carer of the Year Award – a person who cares for a relative, friend or neighbour (sponsored by Badham Pharmacy)
  • Village Hero Award – a person who goes above and beyond for their village (sponsored by Air Salvage International)
  • Town Champion Award – a person who makes an impact in their neighbourhood (sponsored by Tayler & Fletcher)
  • Unsung Hero Award – a person who quietly makes a difference to other people’s lives (sponsored by The Barn Theatre)
  • Community Team Award – people from a sports club, activity group, health group etc. who give time to assist others (sponsored by St James’s Place Wealth Management)
  • Charity Event Award – a team that organises events to raise funds for charities (sponsored by Aura Care Living)
  • Young Volunteer of the Year Award – a young person (18 or under) who gives up time to help others (sponsored by Royal Agricultural University)

Nomination forms for awards are available for online completion and submission on the Council’s website at

Hard copy forms can also be downloaded from the website or obtained from the Council Offices at Trinity Road, Cirencester and the Moreton Area Centre and, once completed, must be either scanned and emailed to or posted to:

Chairman’s Community Awards
Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road,
Cirencester GL7 1PX

The nomination process is very simple. Anyone recommending people or teams will be asked to supply the relevant contact details and also provide a statement outlining why their nomination deserves a particular award. The deadline for all entries (hard and soft copy) is noon on Friday 28 September.

Once Cllr Beale has received all nominations, he will convene a panel of judges to draw up a short-list of contenders for each award. Those on the short-list will then be invited to a special Cotswold Champions Awards Ceremony at the Royal Agricultural University on the evening of Friday 9 November. The 2018 winners for each category will be announced on the night and awarded a cash prize of £1,000 each.

Commenting on this new Awards scheme, Cllr Beale says:
“This is the first year of what I hope will become an annual event to thank residents in the District who often go the extra mile in making life better for others. I am indebted to the sponsors who have made the Cotswold Champions Awards scheme possible, and I look forward to receiving a very wide and varied range of nominations.”

Via press release from Cotswold District Council dated 6 August 2018

Community Governance Review Consultation Letters

Cotswold District Council is currently undertaking a community governance review following a request made by Upper Rissington Parish Council earlier in the year.

The review looks to increase the overall number of councillors on the Parish Council and, possibly, the introduction of parish wards. Letters and a consultation response form went out to all households in the Parish recently.

If you have not received your copy of the letter, or would like another, then we have placed copies here on the website (below).

The closing date for the comments is 20th September 2018.


Bonfire Danger As Hot Weather Continues

Cotswold District Council Environmental Health officials and Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service (GFRS) have warned against lighting bonfires during the current hot weather.

Every year at this time, smoke produced by the burning of garden and other waste causes countless problems between neighbours. And GFRS has highlighted how quickly bonfires can escalate out of control during hot, dry spells. The speed at which a bonfire can spread during very hot and dry weather can take people by surprise.

General nuisance caused by smoke leads to most disputes at this time of year, and in particular during a heat wave. People like to have their windows open and to enjoy being in their gardens. Tempers can fray when smoke from bonfires is a nuisance and the smoke itself may be harmful to health.

Andy Hermiston, GFRS Acting Chief Fire Officer says: “During this hot weather that we are currently experiencing, the advice from Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service would be for people not to have bonfires. We have seen a rise in the number of bonfires becoming out of control during these dry conditions and what we tend to find is that people are not equipped to deal with the speed at which fire can spread in these exceptional conditions.”

Instead, residents are advised to use local household recycling centres to dispose of their rubbish and garden waste. While it is not against the law to have a bonfire, the smoke produced by burning could be illegal in that it may cause a smoke nuisance as laid down in the Environmental Protection Act, 1990.

It is also a widely held belief that bonfires are legal after 6pm – this is not the case. In fact, temperature inversion effects in the evening can result in smoke not dispersing and so lingering in the neighbourhood during night hours. Therefore the evening is one of the worst times to light a bonfire.

Cotswold District Council Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Sue Coakley comments: “The message is loud and clear – do not light bonfires, especially when there are so many better ways to get rid of your garden waste. These include chipping, composting, kerbside garden waste collection when subscribed and disposal at a Household Recycling Centre.”

  • Composting: Put the goodness back in your garden by composting your garden waste – see for further information.
  • Collection: Consider signing up for Cotswold District Council’s garden waste collection service – sign up online.
  • Disposal: You can also take garden waste to a recycling centre free of charge – find your nearest recycling centre.

Based on a press release from Cotswold DC on 25 July 2018.

Survey: How Could The Waste & Recycling Service Be Improved?

  • What would encourage you to recycle more?
  • How often would you like your recycling to be collected?

These are just some of the questions in a survey that Cotswold District Council has launched today to gather views about the sort of waste and recycling service that is the best fit for the District and also the County as a whole.

Service provider Ubico Ltd needs to replace its existing fleet of kerbside collection vehicles during 2019 as the current ones will be at the end of their service life. Improvements in technology should mean that the new vehicles will offer smarter and more efficient ways of collecting recycling and we are seeking the views of residents to help us maximise the benefits of these advances.

Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC Cabinet Member for Environment, commented: “We have a great opportunity to improve our kerbside waste and recycling services in line with the needs of people across the District.  We plan to gather customer feedback on the current service and suggestions for improvement.  This will enable us to come up with new ways to deliver the service so that we can reduce the amount of residual waste going to landfill and increase recycling.  The introduction of a better system will also help us keep down the cost of Council Tax.”

The survey is available now – see
– and will run until the end of Friday 20 July.

With the continued housing growth across the District, the Council is also reviewing collection rounds so that the new vehicles can be used as efficiently as possible.  This could involve changes to some collection days as part of the introduction of the new service.

Cllr Coakley explained: “There have been significant changes to the distribution of housing in some parts of the District over the last decade.  We altered several rounds in 2016 to accommodate those changes and the optimisation exercise went very smoothly, thanks to the support of residents. The distribution of recently built and planned housing continues to affect the make-up of waste and recycling collection rounds and we believe there is scope for further route alterations to increase efficiency.  It is probable that this will result in changes to some collection days.  When this occurs, we will again ensure that everyone is fully informed and understands the new collection arrangements.”

Via press release from Cotswold District Council on 2 July 2018