Thefts of Vehicles & From Vehicles in North Cotswolds

We have received an alert from the local Police about a multiple thefts of vehicles and from vehicles in the North Cotswolds, targeting tools and valuables left in vehicles. The messages below are not meant to worry anyone; but please be aware of the advice from the community policing team, below in bold.

Police have received the following reports:

  • Inc. 443 05/04/19 – Ebrington theft from vehicle with trailer and tools stolen.
  • Inc. 503 05/04/19 – Sherborne theft from vehicle parked in National Trust car park, hand bag stolen.
  • Inc. 100 07/04/19 – Northleach theft of a grey Mitsubishi L200 registration WR57 GUW, vehicle contained tools. Stolen with keys.
  • Inc. 102 07/04/19 – Ebrington theft of two vehicles Blue BMW M140 registration LJ67 XVX and a Grey Audi A3 sport registration KS58 AXP both stolen with keys in burglary.
  • Inc. 163 07/04/19 – Northleach theft from vehicle tools stolen.
  • Inc. 182 07/04/19 – Northleach theft from vehicle tools stolen.

Police are advising residents not to leave valuables in vehicles either at isolated car parks or outside their homes. Vehicles have been mainly targeted for tool thefts that cost the owner thousands of pounds to replace.

Also high powered vehicles are being stolen by organised crime groups to use in further crime. Police are advising that keys are not left on show in homes near to where cars are parked on driveways. It is best to either buy a key protection bag for keyless entry cars (available from police stations) or hide the keys.

This is an unusually high number of incidents over the past weekend.

Many thanks,
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

Say ‘No’ To Door to Door Sellers & Why They Are Called ‘Nottingham Knockers’

Message from the Neighbourhood Policing team:

Gloucestershire police incidents:
214, 221, 226 and 229 – 08/02/19

Police have received a number of calls about door to door sellers from residents in Cold Aston, Andoversford and Withington. Police would like to thank the public for calling in all of these incidents as police were sent out to find the persons selling items without a licence (peddling without a licence)

The persons were told to leave the area. It is advisable not to buy any products or take orders for delivery of products from cold callers. Police stayed in the area until they were picked up by a van and taken away.

Cotswold police would like to thank the public for reporting these incidents.

Many thanks
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

After receiving a complaint for calling door to door sellers ‘Nottingham Knockers’, here is the history behind it:

The origin of the term comes from historic records where The Sheriff of Nottingham would allow peddler to have a licence to sell their wares. This tradition has continued and now anyone who wants a peddlers licence must contact their local Chief Constable to apply for a peddlers licence to sell products door to door.

One of the conditions are you must not have any convictions. This is why we always stop these door to door sellers as they will tell the householder they have recently come out of prison and trying to earn some honest money. Their licences are usually fake or a copy of an original. They now try to use other tactics such as place orders at the door and take money in advance. This is still peddling and an offence without the correct licence.

The law states we must have at least three complaints willing to give police statements before we can act by arrest or issue of a fixed penalty notice of £90. This is why we only tend to move them on and out of the county.

Every Constabulary in the country refer to these seller as Nottingham Knockers. If you search this online there is a massive amount of information all over England and Wales, where these person are using their sales tactics to eye up potential burglary victims or use the opportunity to gain access to a vulnerable person’s home and steal from them. They will smell the cash given to them to check if it is musty and therefore is most likely stored in the house and not a bank. They will watch where the home owner goes to get their purse or wallet and if distracted will enter the property and commit offences. They are also known to be intimidating and aggressive when challenged.

The best course of action is to say “NO”. Shut the door and call police. Better still do not answer the door at all and call the police.

I hope this help explain why they are called this name. We apologise to anyone from Nottingham who we may of offended.

Many thanks,
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

ANPR Cameras in Bourton on the Water

Please see below for a message from the Community Policing Team about their efforts to make the roads safer – with the results from the new ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras installed on the Rissington Road in Bourton on the Water.

Good morning,

Over the past 3 weeks officers have been monitoring the ANPR cameras in Bourton on the Water in the hope of catching prolific speeders and to gather intelligence.

After viewing the data and photos captured by the cameras, the North Cotswolds Neighbourhood Policing Team have sent letters and visited drivers at their home address’ to educate and warn them about their speeding. One offender has been caught driving through the village in broad daylight at 58 mph in the 30 mph zone.

Another driver visited at his home address was caught at speeds of 52mph, 49mph, 45mph and 44mph on separate occasions in a 30 mph area and was given a warning about his actions.

Police will be continuing the monitor these cameras – aided by the Bourton on the Water Parish Council – to identify speeders and gather intelligence in the coming months.

Kind Regards,

Charlie Symes
PCSO 9251
Stow Police Station

Police Alert About Criminal Damage in Upper Rissington

Gloucestershire police incident 137 12/05/18

Police have received a report of graffiti being sprayed at various locations around Upper Rissington overnight Friday 11th – Saturday 12th May [including, sadly, the Village Hall].

The word sprayed in black paint is ” I N O L I “. This is called a graffiti tag. Police are asking local residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Police are also interested if any empty spray cans are found in the area. If so please do not touch and we will retrieve them for any potential evidence.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 or email quoting the incident number.

A second police alert has been received about suspicious males selling mattresses door to door in Upper Rissington.

Gloucestershire police incident 362 11/05/18

Police have received a report of a White Mercedes Sprinter Van registration KV16 BWG with a white male selling mattresses door to door in Upper Rissington on Friday 11th May at 6:00pm

The sales man has initially said the mattresses are free. Once the residents have become interested in taking one he has told them they cost £199.

Thankfully no one has bought any items from this male.

Police advise the public not to buy any items from door to door sales persons. They could be eyeing up your property for a potential burglary or other crime.

Anyone with any information or who has had a similar experience recently is asked to report this to us by calling 101 or email quoting the incident number.