An Update on Gritters, Grit Bins & Snow Warden

Brrr! It is proper cold outside today and the Highways gritters have been out salting the roads overnight. This seems like a good time to update residents about winter weather arrangements.

The road from Little Rissington towards Burford is a ‘primary route’, which are the priority routes that will be gritted and cleared by the County Council. This season, we are pleased to report that Highways has agreed to add the Barrington Road to the list of primary routes – which means that the road will now be gritted from the junction at Rissington Road to the roundabout on Mitchell Way.

The County Council does not spread grit on smaller roads (there are too many of them), but helps provide supplies of grit for use on local roads. Green Parish-owned grit bins can be found on Bristol Road, Wright Road, Farman Crescent, and by the garages on Grebe Square (map). A new grit bin has recently been installed at the entrance to Siskin Road, and some more grit bins are on order.

Grit should only be used on the public highway, not on private drives and pathways, unless to aid emergency services. Grit should be spread thinly – a light sprinkle is sufficient – and remember stocks need to last all the way through until warmer conditions return.

The Parish Council is also looking for a new Snow Warden as the current one has moved away. The Snow Warden is a local resident who can report unusual snow conditions – such as drifting that completely blocks the Barrington Road – directly to the County Council Highways team to keep them keep the roads open. If you’d like to volunteer for this role then please write to the Clerk:

Please see our winter weather advice page for more information.