A New Year message from the Parish Council


Happiest New Year wishes & good health to everyone in Upper Rissington for 2021. Let’s hope this year turns out to be a fantastic one.

During 2020 the Parish council worked tirelessly on your behalf. I believe that we brought together a lot of positive changes to the village during the year despite COVID-19. We had our 76 Covid volunteers continually helping those in need during the year and still available to help if needed;
we got our Barrington road footpath installed;
we continually worked hard to ensure that Vistry Homes delivered the Public Open Space which we want (and how fantastic this is turning out to be;
all those new footpaths are the envy of every other Cotswold village);
we had our first ever Village Christmas tree;
we’ve even fixed the lights on Harris Gardens and found a solution for these for years to come.

However maybe the very best moment for me in 2020 was the coming together of the entire village to plant our Spring bulbs. Over 220 people took part in the planting of 26,500 daffodils. Kids from 4 years old right through to people in their 80’s came together. This is a hugely proud achievement for you all. Roll on March and every single resident will be able to delight in this astonishing community effort. Everyone who gave their time to all these village initiatives during the year deserve a huge thanks!

Now for 2021. We have a program of items which we want to progress this year to make this village ever better. However I’d like to hear from all residents who have ideas on how we can improve the village even more. Please if you have any ideas or suggestions please can you add your ideas below or email be on

Together we can and will continually make our village even better.

Declan Torris