Public Open Spaces Update – 1 November 2019

Please find below today’s update from Bovis Homes on completion of the public open spaces in Upper Rissington. Changes since the previous update are highlighted:

Area 1 – Officers Mess Playing Fields

  • Playground was delayed a little due to the ropes for the climbing frame being too short… and we are now waiting for 16no caps to finish this particular bit of equipment off. Again I am hoping to have this inspected and signed off next week, however I do not have a concrete date from TCL.
  • Footpaths are ongoing to the area, expected completion by the end of November. This also incorporates the section of footpath linking Longmore Walk and the playing fields.

Area 2 – Officers Mess Surround

  • Rear will be completely tidied, top soiled and seeded to make good.
  • Front will be rotavated and seeded.
  • This is an area of priority for us and we hope to have this done within the month

Area 3 – Allotments and tennis courts

  • Allotment footpaths are all established, ground prep still to complete for allotments, main gate to install and water feed to finalise.
  • Tennis court fencing will complete next week. White lining and fencing to be completed nearer to hand over to avoid vandalism.
  • Footpaths to complete when water feed is finalised.
  • This is another area that is a priority for us. Again, we are hoping to have this area complete by end of November.

Area 6 – LEAP 4

  • Equipment in place, awaiting fencing and clearance of weed area to the rear of the play park.

Area 8 & 9

  • These areas are next on our agenda to start.


  • Generally we have fallen behind the programme. I have asked TCL to draw a new programme up and issue to me, as soon as I have this I will pass it on.

EMG & Pond

We have placed the order today for the felling of the 2no trees that obstruct our foul line diversion. We are just awaiting a date from the tree surgeon; when we have this EMG’s return to site will be planned.