Public Open Spaces Update – 19 November 2019

Please find below today’s update from Bovis Homes on completion of the public open spaces in Upper Rissington. Changes since the previous update are highlighted:

Area 1 – Officers Mess Playing Fields

  • Playground has been inspected and report passed back to TCL. There are a few unexpected items to rectify before opening which will be completed at the earliest convenience. I am now hopeful of opening this play park by the end of November.
  • Footpaths are ongoing to the area, expected completion by the end of November. This also incorporates the section of footpath linking Longmore Walk and the playing fields (this section may fall into early December now).

Area 2 – Officers Mess Surround

  • Rear will be completely tidied, top soiled and seeded to make good.
  • Front will be rotavated and seeded.
  • This is an area of priority for us and we hope to have this done within the month.

Area 3 – Allotments and tennis courts

  • Allotment footpaths are all established, ground prep still to complete for allotments, main gate to install and water feed to finalise.
  • Tennis court fencing complete. White lining and nets to be completed nearer to hand over to avoid vandalism.
  • Footpaths to complete when water feed is finalised.
  • This is another area that is a priority for us. Again, we are hoping to have this area complete by end of the year.

Area 6 – LEAP 4

  • Equipment in place, awaiting fencing, willow tunnel, benches and tidy of weed area to the rear of the play park.

Area 8 & 9

  • These areas are next on our agenda to start.


  • Generally we have fallen behind the programme. I have asked TCL to draw a new programme up and issue to me, as soon as I have this I will pass it on. Chased 19/11/2019.

EMG & Pond

  • 2no trees have been felled. Update 27 Nov: EMG are due back on site week commencing 2 December.

General Election: Statement of Persons Nominated

The time for nominations to be submitted for the parliamentary election has now passed. There are 4 candidates in the Cotswolds constituency.

The Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll give full details.


Further information about the election can be found on Cotswold District Council’s (CDC) website

The next deadline for the election is the close of postal vote applications and registering to vote on Tuesday 26th November.

Be On Alert For Bogus Council Tax Enquiries

Cotswold District Council has issued a warning to residents to be aware of fraudulent council tax phone calls and emails after receiving several reports from residents.

People are receiving cold calls and emails about council tax from individuals who are claiming to be council staff. In each instance the persons were told that their council tax direct debit had failed and that payment was required over the phone.

Fortunately, the offenders did not succeed in obtaining correct bank details from residents and no money was stolen.

Police Sgt Garrett Gloyn, from Cirencester Police, said: “We received reports that scam calls have shown the call as coming from the district council’s telephone number. This was not the case and the way the calls were made is being investigated.

“We advise you not to engage with cold callers seeking your bank details even if you believe you know the number from which the call is being made.”

Cotswold District Council has confirmed that any residents who miss a payment of their council tax would receive a letter rathan that a telephone call.

What do you need to do?

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information. Just because someone knows your basic details (such as your name and contact details), it doesn’t mean they are genuine. Instead, contact the company directly using trusted methods such as a known email address or phone number.

Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision. Under no circumstances would a genuine bank or some other trusted organisation force you to make a financial transaction on the spot and they will never ask for your PIN.

Report phishing attempts. If you receive a call, text or email of this nature and have not lost money, report this as a phishing attempt to Action Fraud.


Get Ready For The Parliamentary Election on 12 December

The Parliamentary election process officially starts today with the publication of the Notice of Election.


Voting at these elections

Anyone eligible to vote at the election on 12 December will receive a poll card soon. Please check your details are correct when the card arrives.

Anyone who lives in the Constituency but is not registered should do so as soon as possible. The deadline to register is midnight on 26 November. To register, visit Register to vote.

If you can’t get to the polling station on election day, you may vote at these elections by post or proxy (where someone else votes for you). To vote by post or proxy, you must apply to your local Electoral Registration Office.

For more details on your voting options, please visit How to Vote.

For the latest information on the current and future elections in Cotswold District please view: