Thefts of Vehicles & From Vehicles in North Cotswolds

We have received an alert from the local Police about a multiple thefts of vehicles and from vehicles in the North Cotswolds, targeting tools and valuables left in vehicles. The messages below are not meant to worry anyone; but please be aware of the advice from the community policing team, below in bold.

Police have received the following reports:

  • Inc. 443 05/04/19 – Ebrington theft from vehicle with trailer and tools stolen.
  • Inc. 503 05/04/19 – Sherborne theft from vehicle parked in National Trust car park, hand bag stolen.
  • Inc. 100 07/04/19 – Northleach theft of a grey Mitsubishi L200 registration WR57 GUW, vehicle contained tools. Stolen with keys.
  • Inc. 102 07/04/19 – Ebrington theft of two vehicles Blue BMW M140 registration LJ67 XVX and a Grey Audi A3 sport registration KS58 AXP both stolen with keys in burglary.
  • Inc. 163 07/04/19 – Northleach theft from vehicle tools stolen.
  • Inc. 182 07/04/19 – Northleach theft from vehicle tools stolen.

Police are advising residents not to leave valuables in vehicles either at isolated car parks or outside their homes. Vehicles have been mainly targeted for tool thefts that cost the owner thousands of pounds to replace.

Also high powered vehicles are being stolen by organised crime groups to use in further crime. Police are advising that keys are not left on show in homes near to where cars are parked on driveways. It is best to either buy a key protection bag for keyless entry cars (available from police stations) or hide the keys.

This is an unusually high number of incidents over the past weekend.

Many thanks,
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott
Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team