Gloucestershire County Council’s Budget 2019/20 Consultation is Live

Gloucestershire County Council is asking residents to give feedback on next year’s budget proposals which focus on vulnerable children and adults, as well as better roads in Gloucestershire.

The draft 2019/20 budget includes proposals to invest £11 million into children’s services as part of a £15 million overall revenue budget increase and further capital investment of £179 million for schools, community facilities and our highways. The budget also allocates funding for the second year of a three-year £30,000 commitment per councillor to allow each councillor to make community-based investments.

All budget proposals and recommended council tax levels are subject to the final decision of the County Council on 13 February 2019 – which will be webcast online.

Give feedback on these proposals here:

You can read more information about the County Council’s budget proposals on its website:

The consultation will be open until 5pm on 21st January 2019.

It’s important that Gloucestershire residents, community groups and organisations have their say – so please share this information as widely as you can.


Updated – Notice of Vacancy December 2018

Following the resignation of Brian Hanks, the councillor vacancy is being advertised via the attached public notice.


As we are within the 6 months before the ordinary elections on 2 May 2019, no election will be held to fill the vacancy. The Parish Council may fill the vacancy by co-option, and will be considering applications at its meeting on Wednesday 16 January 2019.

If you would like to express an interest in being co-opted, or would like to find out more about being a councillor then please contact the Clerk:


Why is there no election for this seat?

Different laws apply to casual vacancies that arise within 6 months of when a councillor would have retired his position anyway. The law does not allow a by-election to be called so close to the local elections; so the only way to fill the seat is through co-option.

When can co-option take place?

The Council may (but does not have to) co-opt someone to fill the vacancy once the Notice of Election has expired. The notice period is 14 days, not including Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

What about the other two vacant seats?

Since an election was called for the vacancies advertised in the summer, those seats can only be filled by election.  Cotswold District Council is planning to rerun the election process early next year.

Police Advice On Safer Online Shopping At Christmas

This Christmas, Action Fraud and Gloucestershire Constabulary are reminding shoppers to take extra care when shopping for gifts online. As consumers search online for bargains and gifts for loved ones, fraudsters are seeing this as an opportunity to trick people with the promise of great deals and big cash savings.

The latest report by Action Fraud shows that fraudsters conned 15,024 shoppers out of more than £11 million over the Christmas period last year.

People are being defrauded on popular social media websites and online auction sites. Action Fraud works together with platforms including Gumtree to combat fraud and to issue protect advice to consumers.

Mobile phones were once again the most common item that people tried to buy from fraudsters. Victims reported being hooked in with bargain deals on some of the most popular models of smart phones, only for the phone to never actually arrive and leaving them without presents to give on Christmas Day. Apple iPhones accounted for 74% of all mobile phones purchased that turned out to be fraudulent.

Electrical goods (including games consoles), household items, computers, clothing, and accessories also featured in many of the reports. Examples including Fingerling toys, UGG Boots and Apple MacBook’s were among the most popular items victims reported losing money to fraudsters on.

Last year, more than 30% of reports were made by women aged between 20 and 29, however anyone can fall victim to Christmas shopping fraudsters during the festive period.

This year’s campaign urges all shoppers to look out for the warning signs that mean an offer may be too good to be true. Action Fraud will provide useful fraud and cyber crime prevention tips throughout December to stop people from getting conned out of the Christmas they deserve.

Don’t get caught out by the Christmas rush!

  • If something seems too much of a bargain, it’s probably poor quality, fake or doesn’t exist.
  • Don’t pay for goods or services by bank transfer unless you know and trust the person. Payments via bank transfer offer you no protection if you become a victim of fraud.
  • Make sure you’ve installed the latest software & app updates. Criminals use weaknesses in software to attack your devices and steal information, such as your payment details.
  • Use a strong, separate password and 2FA to protect your email account. Criminals can use your email to access other online accounts, such as those you use for online shopping.
  • Don’t click on a link in an unexpected email or text. The volume of online shopping related phishing emails increases during the holiday period. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Every Report Matters – if you have been a victim of fraud, report it to us online or by calling 0300 123 2040.


Message Sent By
Robert Hardie (Police, Reception, Stow)

This Month’s Parish Council Meeting Is On Wednesday 19th December

Unfortunately, the 12 December Parish Council meeting had to be cancelled due to councillor illness. Apologies for any inconvenience. The meeting will take place next week instead, on Wednesday 19 December, 7:30pm.


As you may be aware, there are only four councillors currently, and meetings require a minimum of three councillors to be quorate – otherwise no decisions can be made. If you are interested in taking up one of the vacant seats on the council and would like to find out more about being a councillor then please contact the Clerk: