Bonfire Danger As Hot Weather Continues

Cotswold District Council Environmental Health officials and Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service (GFRS) have warned against lighting bonfires during the current hot weather.

Every year at this time, smoke produced by the burning of garden and other waste causes countless problems between neighbours. And GFRS has highlighted how quickly bonfires can escalate out of control during hot, dry spells. The speed at which a bonfire can spread during very hot and dry weather can take people by surprise.

General nuisance caused by smoke leads to most disputes at this time of year, and in particular during a heat wave. People like to have their windows open and to enjoy being in their gardens. Tempers can fray when smoke from bonfires is a nuisance and the smoke itself may be harmful to health.

Andy Hermiston, GFRS Acting Chief Fire Officer says: “During this hot weather that we are currently experiencing, the advice from Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service would be for people not to have bonfires. We have seen a rise in the number of bonfires becoming out of control during these dry conditions and what we tend to find is that people are not equipped to deal with the speed at which fire can spread in these exceptional conditions.”

Instead, residents are advised to use local household recycling centres to dispose of their rubbish and garden waste. While it is not against the law to have a bonfire, the smoke produced by burning could be illegal in that it may cause a smoke nuisance as laid down in the Environmental Protection Act, 1990.

It is also a widely held belief that bonfires are legal after 6pm – this is not the case. In fact, temperature inversion effects in the evening can result in smoke not dispersing and so lingering in the neighbourhood during night hours. Therefore the evening is one of the worst times to light a bonfire.

Cotswold District Council Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Sue Coakley comments: “The message is loud and clear – do not light bonfires, especially when there are so many better ways to get rid of your garden waste. These include chipping, composting, kerbside garden waste collection when subscribed and disposal at a Household Recycling Centre.”

  • Composting: Put the goodness back in your garden by composting your garden waste – see for further information.
  • Collection: Consider signing up for Cotswold District Council’s garden waste collection service – sign up online.
  • Disposal: You can also take garden waste to a recycling centre free of charge – find your nearest recycling centre.

Based on a press release from Cotswold DC on 25 July 2018.

Documents Show Changes Between Consented Scheme & New Details For Public Open Space in Victory Fields

District Councillor Mark MacKenzie-Charrington writes:

On the 14th June I requested a set of overlay drawings that would show the variations to the developer’s proposals and the S106 consented landscaping scheme. These have now been provided and I’m delighted to be able to forward to you a set of marked-up, as opposed to overlay, drawings that show, I believe quite clearly, the variations along with a separate text summary, for your observations. These drawings show what I believe Linden Homes and Bovis Homes finally hope to deliver, being acceptable in planning terms as well as meeting the resident’s aspirations, thereby capable of being granted consent. …


We invite residents to feed back your genuine questions/ concerns – in a concise way please – to the Clerk – – who will then pass on the comments in a batch to Cotswold District Council for their consideration. Please do not send them to the planning authority direct.

It is important to note that the question about potentially contaminated ground is an entirely separate matter and is still very much under review by the developers, their experts, the CDC and their consultants. We will hear more on that in due course.

HQ Office Spaces Landing Soon in Upper Rissington

Upper Rissington business owners will soon benefit from the arrival of HQ Office, providing flexible and affordable office space in what was once the Officers’ Mess at the old RAF base.

From September 2018 HQ Office will provide a new base for a community of local businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives. There will be a mixture of permanent offices, hot desks and co-working areas, as well as meeting rooms, break-out areas and a kitchen with hot coffee on tap throughout the day.

Eliminating the need to commute long distances or compete with the family when working from home, HQ will offer a local, stylish place to work and a social hub.

HQ promises a slick business operation with superfast broadband and a simple, transparent monthly fee to cover all the basic business needs and running costs. Small business owners will be able to get on growing their business with no requirement to sign a long lease, signing up with HQ for as short a period as a month or simply hot desking to break up their work routine but not their bank balance.
HQ aims to build a community of like-minded individuals in different sectors. There will be networking opportunities, link up events with local businesses and special rates to join the gym next door. At HQ there will be ample car parking and bike racks, as well as being in walking distance of the convenience store, café bar and other amenities.

For further information please contact Nick Grant on or tel: 0203 372 4773

Via press release from HQ dated 25 June 2018.

Street Lighting Improvement Works To Take Place in August

Gloucestershire County Council has been undertaking a major project to upgrade streetlighting, with the main aim being to meet its carbon reduction target of 60% by 2020.

Skanska UK PLC has been engaged to carry out these works.
Work to upgrade the lighting in residential areas has been taking place during the last 24 months . Skanska is now returning to the local area to complete these conversions along with traffic route lighting. This remaining work will include wall brackets and wooden pole-mounted units as well as heritage lanterns in some areas.

Work in Upper Rissington is expected to take place during August.

This work may necessitate the need to temporarily reduce the pavement width and to use barriers to ensure work can be carried out safely. Where wall-mounted units on private properties are to be converted, we will inform the individual owners of the necessary works, prior to starting.

During this period, on-street parking may be affected. Residents and pedestrians are asked to be patient and Skanska will do their best to minimise any inconvenience to you.

For more information about Gloucestershire’s LED street lighting programme, please visit: