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Letter – from the Parish Council Cotswold District Council outlining Victory Field Planning Concerns 

Letter – Response to Planning Concerns from Christine Gore                  (Strategic – Director Cotswold District Council)

Letter – from Cllr Dr Nigel Moor to Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP outlining Victory Field Planning Concerns 

Response to Planning Concerns from the Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Letter to Cllr Dr Moor from Fire Service re: Victory Field Concerns:

“Cllr. Moor,
ref. Victory Fields estate, Upper Rissington
With relation to the letter from Upper Rissington Parish Council in relation to the Victory Fields estate please find the following information:-
For background information the process for hydrants on new estates are as follows.

  • Once planning permission is applied for through the appropriate District council (in this case CDC), GFRS is consulted on the position and number of hydrants that is required for any given site (as per Part 5 [s.38-43], Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004).
  • On this occasion, plans were submitted to us in 2013. GFRS annotated the plans with the number of hydrants that we required and their locations.
  • Victory Fields estate is unusual as the water being supplied is via a third party and not by one of the main water companies. Thames Water supply directly to a company called ‘Albion Water’ who then sells the water on to the owners of the new properties.
  • These plans are then submitted back to the developer and they are duty bound to inform us (either via the developer, the water company or the District council) when the development is finished and the hydrants are ready to be inspected with a view to hand-over to GFRS. This has not happened in the case of Victory Fields.
  • After speaking to the GFRS hydrant coordinator, he has been in discussion with the local Parish council in reference to the site. From 2013 up until last week, GFRS has had no contact from the developer, water company, or the District council, about this development becoming inhabited or completed.
  • Our hydrant coordinator is currently liaising directly with the site to ascertain any issues with the water mains.

Also for your information, the ‘appeal decision, condition 29’ as highlighted in the letter is something that GFRS requested to be put into the planning process as this puts the responsibility of the supply and development of the water system, including hydrants, on the developers of this site and reduces the costs to GFRS/GCC and the water suppliers.
As we have not adopted any of the hydrants on site the information reference hydrants in the wrong place signage incomplete would be part of the final inspection to be carried out by GFRS and part of any remedial action to be completed before adoption happens.
Immediate actions 

  • GFRS will be inspecting the site this week to ascertain the current situation.

I will personally keep you briefed on the update and any findings and progress in relation to this development.
Stewart Edgar
Chief Fire Officer and Operations Director
Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service
Gloucestershire County Council
Tri Service Centre, Waterwells Drive, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 2AX
Tel: 01452 888777