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Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group

Two volunteers are sought to join a Community Liaison Group aiming to bring greater clarity and understanding to planning issues in Upper Rissington. Please send nominations to the Clerk by noon on 13 January 2018,

A description of the group’s purpose and structure follows:

Upper Rissington – Community Liaison Group (Outline)

The purpose of this group is to:

  • Ensure clarity of understanding of the planning issues and associated planning processes in relation to development at Victory Fields, Upper Rissington; and
  • Share information and updates on Planning Applications and measures to address non-compliance with approved scheme.

This will be achieved by good communication between various groups represented at these meeting by:

  • Cotswold District Council Officers (3)
  • Cotswold District Council elected Members (1)
  • Gloucestershire County Council – elected Member (1)
  • Upper Rissington Parish Council – elected representatives (2)
  • Residents of development – co-opted individuals (2)

(Each organisation is asked to nominate the appropriate number of representatives)

The group will meet at appropriate intervals linked to agreed issues:

  1. Extent of outstanding planning non-compliance issues
  2. Responsibilities and lead contact
  3. Required next steps
  4. Appropriate timetables for tasks
  5. Completing tasks – what ‘done’ looks like

The Group will disband when the non-compliance issues, as agreed at the establishment of the group, have been resolved (as defined by done).

In order to provide an appropriate link with the new resident population, in addition to representatives of the Parish Council, two residents from the development will be co-opted onto the group.

Nominations are sought from residents on the basis of:

  • Existing track record of community engagement and leadership
  • Existing established lines of communication with wider resident community

The aim is that resident representatives will ensure information and updates are fed back to the whole community in an effective and timely manner and will report issues raised by the community.

Nomination deadline: noon on 13th January 2018.

Stow Surgery – Revised Planning Application

A revised planning application, for the provision of a new doctor’s surgery on the land known locally as the Gypsy Field, has been validated by Cotswold District Council (CDC) and the window for public comment is now open.

We have been overwhelmed by the response from patients, past and present regarding the refusal of the planning application back in April. This has spurred us onto continue the fight to provide modern, contemporary medical facilities for Stow and the surrounding villages.

We are pleased to report that revised application for the development of a new surgery on the Gypsy Field Site has been submitted to Cotswold district Council (CDC).

The Council have now opened the case for public consultation and we would b every grateful if you could make comment on the proposal. You can do this by either logging onto the CDC website or by writing, se details at the bottom of the page.

Finally, we feel honoured to be part of this community and like some of the local politicians have indicated, we hope to see diggers in Stow in the not too distant future.

Dr T.J.G. Healy

Please download this Newsletter explaining the ongoing process Newsletter – Stow Surgery

Comments can be made on the CDC website via the link below or alternatively you can write to their offices at Trinity Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1PX quoting reference 15/01809/FUL.