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Tour of Britain Cycle Race

The Tour of Britain Cycle Race will be passing through Upper           Rissington on Saturday 9th September from about 1.00pm.

Courtesy of County Council’s Highways Department, pot-holes will be repaired and grass verges cut along the route through            Gloucestershire prior to 9th September.


Table Tennis Table in Play Park

At the Annual Parish Meeting, the Parish Council advised they had budgeted to provide additional facilities in the Village.  The first of these is a concrete table tennis table to be sited on the green space between Bristol and Wright Roads – a plan is attached showing the approximate location.  This will be free to use by everyone.  The Council has approved this, subject to final quotes for durable               matting at the table ends, and we will have it installed as soon as     possible.

Proposed location for the Table Tennis Table

A picture of the table is available on the suppliers website:

Green Spaces

Over the years, there has been much confusion over who owns what land in the old part of the village. Ownership and responsibility for maintenance was unclear, with the PC maintaining some land it did not own and other areas falling between the gaps.  Many           residents believed the land contained within title number GR188628, currently owned by Bradford Property Trust (BPT), had been transferred to the PC back in the early 2000’s – but this was not the case ( details of title number GR188628 can be found under ‘PC documents’).  In order to protect the spaces contained within GR188628, the Council has approached BPT and is negotiating to buy that land for £1 (plus will make a contribution to BPT’s legal fees).  This will give certainty over the ownership and on-going maintenance, as well as preventing any future development of that land.  It is anticipated the Council will be approving this at the           September PC meeting.
Please contact the clerk if you would like to make any comment on this proposed acquisition.