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Play Park Equipment – out of order

Play equipment - out of order

Repairs are needed to two items of equipment in the Play Park. Until these repairs can be arranged, residents are asked not to use them.

Tape has been put around the affected items and parents are                requested not to let their children climb on the equipment.

Quotes are being sought for repairs and remedial work will be               undertaken as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Letter of Concern sent to Cotswold District Council

The Parish Council has recently sent a Letter of Concern to                 Cotswold District Council requesting enforcement action be taken against Linden/Bovis.

Please see ‘PLANNING ENFORCEMENT’ under the ‘PARISH INFO’ tab for more information.

Response to Planning Concerns from Christine Gore (Strategic Director – Cotswold District Council)

Response to Planning Concerns from Fire and Rescue Service

Response to Planning Concerns from the Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Developer Meeting – 3rd November 2017 – List of Questions Confirmed

A second meeting with Linden/Bovis has been arranged. This will take place on Friday 3rd November 2017 in the Village Hall,        commencing at 6:00pm.

A list of questions, compiled by Nigel Moor, can be seen by following the link:  List of Questions for 3rd November Meeting

If any member of the public has any comment on the questions, please contact Cllr Nigel Moor at:

Further details of the event can be using the link below:
Public Meeting – 3rd November 2017


Protect Your Home

Burglary increases when the clocks go back; here’s what you can do:

There’s not long left until the clocks go back on Sunday the 29        October. Download our anti-burglary checklist to see what steps you can take to help protect your home from burglary:             

What you can do right now to help protect your home:

  • Use timer switches to turn on lights early in the evening
  • Keep your front and back doors locked; even when you’re home
  • Remove tools, equipment and items from your gardens that could be used to get into your home
  • Keep any gates locked and move your wheelie bin away from them
  • Avoid posting where you are online when you’re not at home

Burglars look for quick and easy targets, often choosing to burgle     homes in Gloucestershire between 3pm and 8pm on weekdays. A     cheap and simple timer switch could make all the difference in         stopping a burglar from choosing your home.If you visit one of our engagement vehicle events and sign up for our new Your                     Community Alerts service, with a PCSO, we will give you a free      timer switch.

For more tips, the location of our engagement vehicle events, and to download our anti-burglary checklist visit:

Help us make your community safer: you can also help us improve our intelligence and make your community safer by reporting people you suspect of burglary or, who handle stolen goods, through our new website form: