Parish Council Chairman’s Report for Annual Parish Meeting

Update from the Parish Council

Good Evening,

Unfortunately I am not able to be here — hopefully next year the meeting will take place on the planned date  which for your diaries, will be Thursday 22 March 2018!!

As you are aware tonight is not a Parish Council meeting but is in fact the Annual Meeting of the Parish and is not subject to the rules and constraints of a PC meeting — the strange ways in which Local Government work still amaze me!

Tonight I want to look back over the past year and highlight some of the things that happened, but more importantly is looking forward to what your Council want to deliver in the coming year.

The biggest highlight of the past year has been the Council signing the agreements for the Village Hall Management Trust, supported by funds from the PC, to take over the running of the Village Hall from next week (1 June); all councillors were agreed that the bureaucracy over PC activities meant that the Council were not best placed to run this important facility that we want to see fully used for the benefit of the village.  For those who have followed events, the handover of the hall and its management by the Trust has been beset with many unforeseen hurdles outside of the control of the Council.   However – we have now achieved the goal we set and look forward, with the rest of the village, to seeing the use of the village hall maximised and many activities provided for the residents.

During the year we also purchased a defibrillator which has been installed on the Village Hall.

Following the presentation by Byron Hadley at the last Annual Meeting of the Parish, a local Boy Scouts group was formed and the Council provided a grant of £500 to enable them to purchase equipment; a grant of £500 was also made to the the Social Committee to help with the costs of the Christmas pantomime.

Looking forward we have an ambitious list of things we want to deliver and we have budgeted for these including:

– provision of an all weather table tennis table and giant chess set in the play park, together with further benches and tables;

– continuation of the neighbour development plan, which will enable the Village to receive a greater share of the Infrastructure levy as well as protecting the open spaces;

– installation of a village shelter;

– planting of spring bulbs at the village entrances together with fruit trees

– measures to minimise the problems that arise from inconsiderate dog owners not clearing up dog mess which create health risks particularly on the sports fields.

We still have four vacancies on the Council and will be considering co-option at the June meeting; if you want to influence the Council’s decisions please put your name forward…